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MASH (Basic edition)

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Vignette in a box basic series includes inside the box the elements you need to build an awesome vignette (diorama) at 1/72 scale. Contain: -Figures, - Vehicles, Buildings, Accessories, (Does not include vegetation, wooden base and texturized ground).


In a war it is very important to treat wounds as soon as possible to increase the soldier's chances of survival. This is why in WWI, armies set up ambulance services to quickly move wounded soldiers from the front to large hospitals in the rear, but it was slow. In WWII the US Army tried a new approach to the problem where instead of taking the casualty from the front to the rear hospital, the hospital was moved as close to the front as possible for faster response time.

This idea was improved during the Korean War where these medical units were called MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital).

In the 70's, Robert Altman directed a very succesful comedy film named MASH about these field hospital,  that gave rise to a television series, which  popularized MASH around the world.

Although the name of MASH is post-WWII, we wanted to use that famous name as a tribute to the field hospitals that saved many lives in the WWII.

The vignette shows a hospital tent at whose door a doctor classifies the wounded who arrive both by ambulance and in other vehicles. To one side of the hospital tent a balance organizes the boxes of medical supplies while another soldier eats a ration and another drinks a cup of coffee. On the other side of the tent a soldier prays in front of some fallen while inside the tent some soldiers are resting and another is visiting.

- Hospital tent with floor, beds and equipment

- 15 figures

- WC51 Ambulance

- Jeep Willy's

- Stone wall

- Table with food and coffee

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