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Red Ball Express: Road to Victory (Basic edition)

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Vignette in a box basic series includes inside the box the elements you need to build an awesome vignette (diorama) at 1/72 scale. Contain: -Figures, - Vehicles, Buildings, Accessories, (Does not include vegetation, wooden base and texturized ground).


One of the key points of the allies victory in Western Europe was the excellent management and efficiency of the lines of supply to the troops.
Most of the supplies arrived to the big ports like Antwerp; and the challenge was to get these supplies efficiently and quickly to the fighting units.
The most successful Allied system was known as the "Red Ball Express". Supplies were loaded onto trucks that formed large convoys; Military Police closed the necessary roads to any kind of traffic, making sure that the only vehicles on the road were the trucks in the convoy that all going in the same direction.
Thanks to this system, it was possible for the conovies to reach their destination in low time, supplying the necessary supplieson time.
The vignette shows one crossing of one of these roads closed by a MP who forces a civilian car to turn around, while on the main road two of the trucks of a convoy can be seen.

- Figures (5 soldiers)
- 2 GMC trucks with cargo
- Motorcycle Harley Davidson MP
- Jeep
- Citroen 11CV
- Accessories (posters)


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