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Picnic in Normandy (Premium edition)

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Vignette in a box Premium series includes inside the box all the elements you need to build an awesome vignette (diorama) at 1/72 scale. Contain: -Figures, - Vehicles, Buildings, Accessories, Trees, Plants, Grass, Bushes and more. (Does not include wooden base and texturized ground).


This vignette is located in Normandy in mid-June 1944, some days after D-Day.
It shows a field kitchen truck coocking food for soldiers, as well as a group of soldiers sitting next to the truck, resting and eating after battle.
- Figures (9 soldiers and a cooker)
- GMC truck with 3 field kitchens in the bed and several kitchen pots, as well as food
- Sacks and bench
- One backpack and Thompson submachine guns
- Water Trailer
- Tree Armor
- Foliage of trees (synthetic cotton + leaves)
- Static Grass
- Tufts of grass

Tree requires some assembly and painting.

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