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Ils sont arrivés (Aug. 24th 1944) (Basic edition)

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Vignette in a box basic series includes inside the box the elements you need to build an awesome vignette (diorama) at 1/72 scale. Contain: -Figures, - Vehicles, Buildings, Accessories, (Does not include vegetation, wooden base and texturized ground).


In August 1944 the Allied General Head-quarters was discussing whether to encircle Nazi-occupied Paris and continue on to Germany or liberate Paris.The criteria of General Charles DeGaulle prevailed, who defended that Paris was not only a city but also a symbol for all of France and that its liberation would facilitate the way of the allies.
DeGaulle commissioned General Leclerc to liberate Paris. Leclerc commanded the 2nd Armored Division of the Free French Army. This division was made up mainly of Frenchmen who had fled to Algeria after nazi occupation, as well as french colonial troops, and there were even Spanish Republicans who, after the Spanish Civil War, fled to France or Algeria and ended up enlisting in the free French army to fight the fascists.
The ninth company of the 2nd Armored Division was made up almost exclusively of Spanish soldiers, in fact it was called "la nueve" (in Spanish). This company had the most combat experience of the entire division, so it used to lead all the division's advances on the battlefront.
On the afternoon of August 24, 1944 several half-tracks from "la nueve" entered Paris and reached the town hall square where they contacted the French partisans and liberated Paris.

- Figures (6 soldiers and 9 civilians)
- M3 halftrack
- Street and sidewalk
- Street furniture (bench, advertising kiosk and streetlight with led light)


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