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Auf wiedersehen kameraden (Basic edition)

Product no.: DC3001


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Vignette in a box basic series includes inside the box the elements you need to build an awesome vignette (diorama) at 1/72 scale. Contain: -Figures, - Vehicles, Buildings, Accessories, (Does not include vegetation, wooden base and texturized ground).


This vignette is located somewhere in the occupied Europe, anytime between 1940 and 1945, and shows Wehrmacht soldiers in a small country cemetery, burying two comrades whose bodies are found shrouded in an old cart.
While a soldier digs a grave, two soldiers pray and say goodbye to their companions.

- Figures (3 soldiers and two corpses)
- Stone wall with arch and iron gates
- Old cart
- Tombstones
- Grave and piled earth
- Wooden cross

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