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Sherman M4A4 Firefly

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The M4 medium tank, also known as the Sherman, was developed from the M3 (Lee, Grant), using the chassis and reliable mechanics and adding a turret with a 75 mm gun. The result was the most reliable tank and most used by the Western Allies during World War II.

About 50,000 units were produced, a number less than the 65,000 units that were produced of the Soviet T34.

It was manufactured by different companies and different variants were produced simultaneously.

In 1942 it was used for the first time in the Second Battle of Alemein by the British Army, from then on it was used by all the Allied armies, such as the North American, the Canadian, the Free French and even the Soviets. The Sherman participated in all theaters of operations including North Africa, Europe and the Pacific.

The kit includes an M4A4, mounting the British Ordinance QF 17-pounder 76.2 mm gun in its turret that allowed it to confront the German Panther and Tiger tanks.


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