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Opel Blitz Workshop

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In 1930, Opel (a subsidiary company of General Motors) launched a multipurpose truck called the Opel Blitz (lightning bolt). It had a 2-axle chassis and was of 2 and 2.5 T. The engines were improved from the first years until in 1937 it was equipped with a 6-cylinder in-line engine with 75 HP overhead valves.

In 1935 the Nazi regime built a plant in Brandenburg for the manufacture of this truck where 130,000 units were built until its bombardment by the RAF in 1944.

The Opel Blitz was widely used by the German army for all functions and on all fronts in WWII. This kit is a version that includes a box specially designed to contain the necessary elements and tools for a field workshop.

The kit includes all the elements to assemble the vehicle as seen in the images (Paint and glue are not included).

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